The Gospel Part 2

Here is some updated of Revival is Here Church and a sermon on the gospel. This is the second part. God really came down in this one. God gave me several words and knowledge. I talked about identity and relationship. I also talked about the importance of communication on every relationship.  I pray everyone enjoys it. 

Prayer Walk 5-12-15

I did another prayer walk today in La Grange KY. It was great. I really enjoyed it. I am believing to start a movement here in this area that will spread around the world. I am praying more join me in this. God wants to do a powerful work in the area. We need to get on fire for God and go evangelize. That is our calling, it doesn't matter if you are a Pastor, Teacher, Apostle, Evangelist, or Prophet we all need to evangelize. That is the great commission. This need to catch a hold especially in this area of the world. We need to go share the love of God to this world. Bellow is two videos of the prayer walk.