Healing of Metal in Leg and Arm

H ere is a powerful video clip of a healing that happen at the Old Location of Revival is Here Church. Betty got instantly healed of metal in her leg and arm that she had for 15 years. She couldn't bend down, jump, and many other things for that length of time. She got the metal in her because of a bad car wreck she was involved in. It was a miracle that she survived the wreck. 15 years after the wreck God healed her completely to show her how much He loved her.

Chan had a word of knowledge about God wanting to remove metal in people's bodies that night. He didn't know that Betty had metal in her leg until she came up to tell him. God came down and touched Betty and removed it instantly. You can hear her daughter crying in the video.

First she moves her leg, then walks, and finally after Chan's encouragement she decides to bend down to the altar. She went down to the altar with no problems at all and no pain. That was the first time she did that in 15 years. After that God hit her again and she went backward under the power of God.

When she got home she tested her healing more by rejoicing around the house. That proved more that she was completely healed. Praise God.

That last time Chan talked to her daughter, she said Betty was still healed. Praise God.