Updates from Chan Smith

God has had me focusing lately on getting us at RHC ready for the harvest. I really feel the need to have classes to teach us how to reap the harvest. That involves the basics and the deep things of God also. I am praying about the idea of starting an online supernatural school of ministry to train others for the harvest having different instructors teaching different things. That will help the International congregation to be ready for the harvest. God has already guided me on how to get it up so the technical side of it is done, all I would have to do is set that up. I am unclear if I should step out and do that or not now. I do know we have trained now on Sunday Night's in the service. For awhile we will not be recording the Sunday Night Services so we can train for the harvest. So we can have a safe training environment for everyone and so everyone feels at ease. Cameras tend to make people feel uneasy and I do understand that. Not having to set that up will give me time in the week to record recordings for everyone else and to have a live online service on our TV Network and to be able to take live call-ins via the phone. I will give you a time for that later.We are an international church and finding the way to do both the local and international congregation is hard. I feel God has led me this way for a while to train everyone as much as possible. Many people around the world have emailed me wanting me to start a RHC in their nation and for now there is no money or staff to do that. However we might be able to stream a live online service to those areas. They can meet in their place of meeting and I can preach to them that way. God has put that on my heart and we are already sending bibles to areas around the world. We are also starting back up the bible outreach here locally too. I am excited at what God is doing. I will keep you informed about everything. Email me if you are interested in the online supernatural school and please come out Sunday Night's. That was prophesied over me and the house awhile back and maybe this is the start of that fulfillment. We do not ordain people at this time the training would just be certificates. Ordaining people involves them going through SOZO to get delivered and to make sure they are clear of all demonic issues and free of mental issues. We don't have the staff at this time to do that. If we ordain we want to make sure things are OK in their life before we back their ministry.