Apostolic Network of Global Awakening



Revival is Here Church is also part of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. We are under their covering and anointing that is a world-wide one. Dr. Randy Clark, the head of ANGA is a revivalist that help start the Toronto Blessing and revivals around the world. The Randy and the Toronto blessing has had an impact on churches around the world and we are excited about being under them.

This is a new season for Revival is Here Church. We will see a new level of the presence of God. We be flowing more in Signs and wonders. We will see an increase in the prophetic and healings. As time goes on we will have great revivalist come to speak from the ANGA and maybe be apart of RHC. I am excited with the direction we are going.

I will be transferring my ordination to them also, which is a great direction God has given us.