About Revival is Here Church


Chan Smith is founder and Senior Pastor.  He was called by the Lord at a young age and under the influence of his grandmother and many others he grew in Spirit.  Chan traveled to experience the Lord and be fully Spirit filled.  Chan was influenced by the Toronto Blessing with John Arnott.  He also participated in the revival at Heritage Fellowship in Florence KY with Cleddie Keith.  Chan was also influenced by Rodney Howard Browne, who helped influence many of the recent revivals.  Chan also assisted in a large full gospel church in Kentucky.  He worked on a prayer hot line there and many other things.

When the Lord said the time was right Chan started his ministries.  Chan started by just giving mini-sermons and recording them and putting them on the early forms of the church website.  The Holy Spirit then prompted Chan to start preaching in a church.  He sought out churches that would share their pulpits with him and pastors asked him to preach.  He continued making recordings and putting them on the Internet.  People started seeking out what he put on the Internet and it has grown.  Chan is also the web master of revivalishere.org. Twice the web servers have crashed from so many people viewing the church website.  We continue to update our equipment and web services.  We have also started live stream which is growing.

 God put on Chan’s heart to start a church based on God’s presence and power. God reveled to him at an early age the important of getting out-of-the-way and letting God move. At an early age God used Chan in powerful ways. Several instant healings happen without Chan even praying for them. Several words of prophesy was given over him about the call of God on his life. Sometimes people had a hard time sitting next to him at church because God’s glory was so strong on him. Chan’s heart is to see people have encounters with God.

 God put it on Chan’s heart to share that with the world through a local church so when the time came and the God opened the door he started Revival is Here Church. Over time Revival is Here Church has been able to reach the world.

 Several huge miracles has happen in the starting of Revival is Here that has shown God’s hand is upon it. Miraculous finances when needed and God sending the right people at the right time to fill a need.

 The first Elder is Charles Richmond.  He helped mentor Chan while growing up.  Charles is spirit filled.  Charles has years of experience in church administration and media.  He has provided invaluable help with the audio and video recording from the beginning.

Revival is Here Church is a Church based on the bible and God’s presence. We have a heart to reach the world with God’s glory and power.

Revival is Here Church is apart of the Global Legacy Network at Bethel Church in Redding California.

We are a non-denonmintion church.

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